1Funny thing about bail bonds. Nobody really gives it much thought until they get arrested and face the possibility of jail time, a fine, or other punishment they can’t afford for a DUI or other criminal matter. And if it involves a felony, well…things could really get serious in a hurry. So the question is who are you going to call at midnight? The bank of mom and dad who may not answer the call, or a bail bonds company in San Antonio who have the parachutes and answer phones no matter what the time.

The Get Out Of Jail Card Is A Bail Bond And It’s Not Free!

For the uninformed, a bail bond is basically an “insurance” that the judge sets for the arrested person allowing them to be freed on a temporary basis while he or she prepares for the defense of the arrest. This is when a phone call to your San Antonio bail bond company can possibly be you only chance to not have to spend time in jail for any length of time. It doesn’t happed often, but mitigating factors concerning the arrested party may convince the judge to grant an “own recognizance” release. But that’s a rare occurrence.

How To Pay The Bail Bond!

After an initial interview with the client, your san antonio bail bonds company will accept pay (usually 10 percent of the bail amount) which can take any of the following forms:

  • Cash, check for the full amount of the bail
  • Credit card or debit card payment of the bail
  • A lien on property worth the full amount of the bail

Note: if the client is gainfully employed, lived in the area a long time with no past criminal record, payment arrangements can possibly be made regarding the bond.